MAGA Tax Scam spotlights extreme MAGA Republicans’ plan to help the ultra-wealthy and big corporations pay LITTLE to NO taxes AT ALL! See if you qualify for help from extreme MAGA Republicans on your taxes this year!*

*Offer not valid for middle class families

Are you an ULTRA-WEALTHY AMERICAN looking to get out of paying your fair share in taxes? Would you rather have the MIDDLE-CLASS and HARDWORKING AMERICANS pay MORE instead?

MAGA Republicans have the tax plan for you! 

If you’re one of America’s ultra-wealthy 1%, the Republican Study Committee’s extreme MAGA tax plan would…

Do you want to stop your mega corporation from paying a MINIMUM CORPORATE TAX?

MAGA Republicans have a plan for that too! 

If you’re a big corporation looking to evade accountability for paying a basic percentage in corporate taxes, MAGA Republicans’ tax plan would…

Do you wish hardworking Americans DIDN’T have access to Inflation Reduction Act tax credits that keep health care costs down and combat climate change? 

MAGA Republicans have you covered! …Unless you’re a hardworking American who wants to pay less for health care and prescription drugs. 

Big Oil and Big Pharma are going to LOVE Republicans’ extreme MAGA tax plan, which would…

Testimonials — Because MAGATAXSCAM.COM is Great for MAGA Extremists and Terrible for Everyone Else!

“The Republican budget will raise housing costs and prescription drugs costs for families. And it will shower giveaways on the wealthy and biggest corporations.”

– President Biden

“Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans in Congress are campaigning on an agenda to make Donald Trump’s tax giveaways to the ultra-wealthy permanent and leave working families behind. Americans continue to make it clear that they want elected officials to protect their hard-earned benefits — not rip them away — but Trump and MAGA Republicans refuse to listen. They’ll learn the hard way at the ballot box this November.”

– DNC Chair Jaime Harrison

“The Republican Study Committee plan is cruel. It is fringe, way out of line with what most Americans want. But unfortunately it is what the House Republicans envision for our country.” 

– Sen. Chuck Schumer 

“This Republican budget is an attack on seniors, veterans, and the middle class.”

– Rep. Brendan Boyle